50 lb Box of 14-Day Dry Aged Beef @ $9.99 lb. • Share Our Beef

50 lb Box of 14-Day Dry Aged Beef @ $9.99 lb.


14-Day Dry Aged Beef makes all the difference in both tenderness and flavor! You can not find this quality of beef in your local grocery store!

We are real ranchers. We grow our own beef and market it directly to our own customers. If you are interested in ordering, but still have questions, feel free to chat with us! We want you to enjoy the freshest beef possible, therefore we send in a steer to the butcher as soon as you place your order.

Another option we offer is monthly billing for $166.50.  We would then deliver a 50 lbs box to your home every 90 days!

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Your 50lb box contains 14-day dry-aged, flash-frozen beef. When butchered, our beef typically packages into retail cuts of 40% Hamburger, 40% Roasts, and 20% Steaks.

The hamburger that is purchased at your local supermarket can taste flat, or even worse, it can taste like styrofoam. Our hamburger comes with the great taste of grass-fed, corn finished beef. The flavor is both bold and mouth-watering, it complements and enhances any recipe! Your 50 lb box, will contain 20 – 1lb packages.

Roasts placed in your box can include – Chuck roasts, heel roasts, sirloin, sirloin tip roasts, rump roasts, each approximately averaging from 3-4 lbs. These roasts are perfect to place in the crockpot for the most tender, mouthwatering Sunday dinner! Your 50 lb box will contain 20 lbs of roasts.

Steaks placed in your box can include – Filet, ribeye, porterhouse, t-bone, top sirloin, flank, skirt, round, cube. Our steaks are amazingly tender, and can be used for anything from fajitas to that great Saturday afternoon grill on the barbeque! Your 50 lb box will contain 10 lbs of steaks.

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Chuck Roast
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