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How many retail cuts do you get in a whole beef when your steer goes to the butcher?

We have made it simple to understand how many cuts you will receive when you order your beef!

*This is approximate as every steer breaks down a little differently, but this is pretty close!

Quarter Beef*Half Beef*Whole Beef*
150 lbs @ $5.99 lbs – $898.5300 lbs @ $5.99 lbs – $1797600 lbs @ $5.99 lbs – $3594
Ribeye Steak 3-4 Ribeye Steak 6-7 Ribeye Steak 12-14
T-Bone Steak 4 T-Bone Steak 8 T-Bone Steak 14-16
Sirloin Steak 4Sirloin Steak 7-8Sirloin Steak 14-16
Tenderloin Steak 1Tenderloin Steak 2Tenderloin Steak 4
Top Round Steak 2-3Top Round Steak 5-6Top Round Steak 10-12
Cubed Steak 3-4Cubed Steak 6-7Cubed Steak 12-14
Tri-tip 1Tri-tip 1Tri-tip 2
Brisket 1Brisket 1Brisket 2
Chuck Roast 2-3Chuck Roast 4-5Chuck Roast 8-10
Round Bone 1Round Bone 2Round Bone 4
Cross-Rib Roast 1Cross-Rib Roast 2Cross-Rib Roast 4
Sirloin Tip Roast 1Sirloin Tip Roast 2Sirloin Tip Roast 4
Rump Roast 1Rump Roast 2Rump Roast 4
Flank Steak 1Flank Steak 1Flank Steak 2
Soup Bones 2Soup Bones 4-5Soup Bones 8-10
Short Ribs 3Short Ribs 6Short Ribs 6-12
Ground Beef 50-60Ground Beef 100-120Ground Beef 200-240

As the beef carcass is broken down into finished retail cuts, the end result is approximately 40% hamburger, 40% Roasts, and 20% steaks!

You have a choice when packaging your retail cuts. They can either be wrapped in traditional butcher paper or vacuum-packed. – We will ask you in advance of your steer being wrapped.

We have customers that order their packaging both ways. Both are good choices! If you would like to know the pros and cons of each, PM us.

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