Now you can cook your steak just like a high end restaurant! • Share Our Beef

Now you can cook your steak just like a high end restaurant!

We not only calve, raise, background, and finish steers, we grill, barbecue, and eat prime beef also!

With the advent of technology – WIFI, Bluetooth, specialized programming, food blogging, and with more time on our hands to entertain, cooking has moved from a necessity to a hobby, and for many a source of recreation!

As beef producers we want our customers to have the best grilling outcomes with their beef choices!

No dry/burnt steaks!

Everybody wants a good steak, and a good steak starts with great quality, but it doesn’t end there!

The cooking technique can either enhance the nicely marbled steak that you just purchased, or it can ruin it.

High-end restaurants like Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse use cooking instruments to manage the heat applied to that prime piece of beef so that it is cooked in just the right way to make your taste buds sizzle!

Announcement #1: In order to help our customers have the very best grilling experience, we are announcing that with every purchase of an 800 lb whole beef, we will throw in a BB Prime Salamander Broiler!

Yes, that’s right! We have pride in our beef and we know it tastes great! We want to help you transform that great cut of meat into a well seared, tender, and flavorful cooking experience!

Through the end of the year, when you purchase a full beef, we will automatically send you this ultimate cooking instrument!

Announcement #2: We will give away one free BB Prime Salamander on November 25th! That is a $400.00 value! UPDATE: There has been a winner! Details coming shortly!

The winner will be selected from our friends who like our FaceBook page.


We want to draw attention to the fact that through the end of the year, we will be giving away a BB Prime Salamander Broiler with every full beef purchase!

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