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You can taste the difference!

True story: We were out farming and had to run to town for supplies. We had not given dinner any thought and did not want to wait for fast food. All the steaks in the home freezer were frozen, so we decided to grab a couple steaks from the local Walmart. – Big Mistake!

As I examined the steaks we selected from the meat case for marbling, I noticed that they looked like “Choice grade,” with fairly good marbling. Took the steaks home and flashed them in the cast iron just as we always do.

I will try to describe the disappointment that followed next! -What entered my mouth was a piece of meat that was tasteless and full of water. I would not say it was rubbery, but it definitely was not tender! Did I mention that the best flavor that came from it was the Holy Cow BBQ RUB from Meat Church BBQ.

What’s the difference?

Dry Aging

“The process changes beef by two means. Firstly, moisture is evaporated from the muscle. The resulting process of desiccation creates a greater concentration of beef flavour and taste. Secondly, the beef’s natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle, which leads to more tender beef.” – This also explains why when you eat grocery store beef, you have that watery feel in every bite!

I might add that desiccation creates a melding of the muscle fibers and the fat, bringing them together in a way that creates a very delicious experience. This is what creates this “out of this world flavor that you get from a restaurant.”

We have been so spoiled with home grown dry aged beef from the ranch that I had forgotten how horrible and tasteless grocery store meat really is. If you would like 14-18 day dry aged beef, we got you covered!

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