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Where does your beef come from?

I think everyone knows that beef does not come from the concrete jungle! They don’t graze on cement!

Most ranchers range their momma cows on high mountain grasses in the summer. The cows eat the grass and convert the energy, protein, and other digestible nutrients into milk that the calf can suckle.

The calf will grow to about 500 lbs in 205 days or about the time summer is over and it’s time to wean the calves.

The calf will begin to nibble grass about a month after it is born, taking in additional nutrition and converting it to muscle.

We currently have a mix of Red Angus x Wagyu cross cows and Black Angus x Wagyu cross cows that are raising the next crop of beef steers.

Watch for the next post where we will talk about what happens after the calf is weaned!

Many herds graze grass on public and private lands. If you are purchasing beef from local ranchers in Arizona, they may graze their momma cows anywhere from southern Arizona, down in the Wilcox area, to all the way North into Payson through Flagstaff area. Many ranchers even take their cattle to Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Texas. Why do they do that? In search of greener pastures!

Why purchase from a rancher instead of purchasing from the grocery store? We dry age your beef for 14 – 18 days. By dry aging your beef, we create a more tender, more flavorful cut of beef.

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