Feeding the hungry steers with the mixer wagon. • Share Our Beef

Feeding the hungry steers with the mixer wagon.

We raise all of our beef! From the minute they are born, and while they are growing young stock, to the next step where they are being backgrounded, and then on to being finished, we see them all the way through!

The finish ration currently is a mix of alfalfa, wheatgrass 80% water, flaked corn, mircro minerals, and wheat/triticale/barley grass.

These steers are fed a diet that promotes marbling and conformity. So what do they represent? High-quality beef at a cost that is considerably less than your local supermarket.

When you purchase your beef from the supermarket, you are really purchasing from either Tyson, National Beef, JBS, or Cargill. This is where Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, and any of your big-box retailers like Walmart are getting their beef.

If you want beef from a local rancher, talk to him or her, and have them pick a good one and get it to the butcher for you. You will be supporting local small businesses multiple times – from the rancher to the vet, and your local butchery, and multiple other small businesses that support your local towns and communities!

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