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What is a fair price for beef?

When you walk into your local grocer, how do you know what a fair price is?

We have all noticed that the price of beef is rising. Are you paying to much? Is your grocer trying to take advantage of the short supply of beef?

The fact of the matter is -there is not a shortage of beef. There is a breakdown in the supply chain that delivers it to your local retailer.

Local ranchers have a very plentiful supply of beef right now. They use local USDA inspected hometown butcher shops.

When you order a quarter, half, or whole beef, the breakdown is 40% hamburger, 40% roasts, and 20% steaks. The weighted average of the cuts of beef from your local grocery store is now up to $7.79lb.

If you have any question on how to order 14-day dry aged beef from local ranchers, delivered direct to your home, feel free to contact us!

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