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Want Great Beef, Every Single Time?

You know when you are walking down the street and you start to smell the aroma of the most amazing cooked cheeseburger ever? That buttery beef goodness – that makes your mouth water and you just have to stop in and get one for the road?

So I was cooking some hamburger tonight for tacos, 2 minutes into the frying process, I hear someone from the other room yell out, “That smells sooooo good, are we having hamburgers for dinner?”

Your ground beef should always smell THAT good! When you are frying beef, or barbecuing it on the grill, everyone should think they are walking past that hamburger stand that makes you stop in and grab a burger to eat! Great beef aroma will smell like buttery beef goodness!

The hamburger from the grocery store can not perform! First of all, it has never been aged. The marbling of the fat has never been given time to meld into the muscle fibers. Second, all of the fillers that they use to get the right mix, they can never and will never taste like 100% all American ground beef!

If you want the best burger ever, try our 14 -20 day, dry-aged beef! The flavor is out of this world!

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