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Are the best cuts of beef found in the grocery store?

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With so many options to choose from when purchasing beef, how do I know which is the best choice for my family when choosing individual cuts of beef? What is the most affordable? What is the best quality?

First, let’s talk pricing!

The average beef when butchered divides into retail cuts at 40% Roasts, 40% Hamburger, and 20% Steaks.

We recently sampled individual prices at our local grocery store. The average price of these cuts if you were to buy a similar quantity in bulk would be $7.59/lb!

What creates great-tasting, flavorful beef? Do you see that intermuscular fat?

Fat creates all the flavor! In order to get the fat to meld/fuse/intermingle and season the meat, our beef is aged for 10-14 days in order to release and create its full flavor, The secret is adding TIME which creates a richly flavored, very tender, and moist cut of beef.

The cut of beef pictured above shows how little marbling your grocery store beef has. Your local grocery store does not age beef. It is processed into individual cuts 24 hours after the steer is butchered. This does not allow any time for curing. The fat does not combine into the fibers of the meat to create a rich, tender cut of beef. The resulting grocery store meat will lack flavor and often when cooked, will be dry, and very difficult to cook correctly.

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