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Smoked Brisket – How?

Being in the beef business, we often go to dinner with vendors and industry associates. My wife Vicki and I were out to dinner the other night and she made the comment that she doesn’t order beef anymore when we go out to eat? I looked at her and said “What?” her reply was, yeah I never order beef because I am always disappointed. Our beef at home is always better. Nothing can compare! I’ll have to admit, our beef is the best I have ever eaten! That aside, it got me to thinking, do other people “customers included” have as great of an experience preparing/cooking their beef as we do?

The “art’ of preparing/cooking a great cut of beef has developed for our family over many years! We have had a few fails over time, but through trial and error, we have been able to develop skills that create mouth-watering beef dinners!

Here is a great article on smoking basics that you can refer to when you are getting ready for that next big barbecue. Credit is given to “Beef its what’s for dinner” a beef industry promotion program to help both family beef producers and customers come together!

Your next barbeque creation can end up just like this!

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