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From Grass to Beef!

In order to create great tasting beef, the number one ingredient is water! As you look at those mountains to the left, they tower at almost 12,000 feet and they collect snow throughout the winter. As the snow melts during the spring, it makes its way down to the valley in springs and streams. The cows then graze the growing grass!

Cows eat grass. As they eat and then digest the grass, – digestible nutrients are created that allow the beef cow to grow and utilize an abundant food source that would otherwise not be captured.

Cows eat up to 3.5 percent of their body weight each day!
A high percentage of beef cows and sheep that graze in the west, graze on the ground that is not suitable for tillable farming. Cows graze on hillsides, uneven ground, or low-lying/swampy ground. This ground is great at growing grass!

Great beef comes by using sustainable agriculture practices! Get to know your local farmer/rancher and understand where the beef you purchase comes from!

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